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Motorcycle Insurance:


Riding a bike without insurance is breaking the law. The Motorcycle may be becoming more and more popular with the fashion conscious and more practical with the young, but insurance companies are not big fans. Accidents rates are alarmingly high, particularly in the young.

Looking for cheap insurance

Not only do you want a cheap quote, but you also want to make sure that you are adequately insured. Being underinsured does not make for cheap insurance, as if something bad happens you could end up having to lay out a ridiculous amount of money when you claim in the form of an excess, or the cost of repairs which are not covered, or worse, personal liability to anyone you may have injured. A cheap insurance policy should be tailor-made for you and also take into account your road skills. You can also get cheaper motorcycle insurance for meeting certain criteria, such as your annual mileage being low, the value of your bike being low, having owned your bike for a longer period of time, and having not claimed.

In fact, you're better off going to specialist motorcycle insurance companies to get insurance for your bikes. You can find companies who are set up to cater specifically for bikers. They are likely to be staffed by people who have spent all their lives as bikers and in the motorcycle insurance world. They are likely to be able to cover all types of motorcycles (importantly knowing the difference between them) and scooters. Some specialist motorcycle insurance companies will also offer auxiliary services that support you as a motorcyclist. You may get personal loans to buy the bike, or motorcycle lessons. Others will also offer you a breakdown service with specialist motorbike repair crews and the ability to get you to a safe place. This can be of immense value to bikers, so don't ignore it.

There are two types of motorcycle insurance policy. The most common of these covers the rider specifically, and allows you to ride any motorcycle up to a particular size. The other type of policy insures a certain bike, not a rider. What you shouldn't hold out much hope for is a decent discount should you avoid accidents, or more specifically for not claiming for them. The bare minimum now is third party only insurance. After this is third party fire and theft insurance - then there is fully comprehensive insurance. This covers third party, fire and theft insurance plus damage caused to your own bike, and it doesn't matter if the accident is your fault and there isn't anyone else involved.

When looking for motorcycle insurance quotes, you need to think carefully about what you want to be covered. One thing that is important is that you take the time to research the market, and get as many quotes as possible, so that you have the best chance of finding the most appropriate and best value deal. That deal should provide you with some decent features. Look at the details on the insurance policy carefully, to find out what you are getting for your premiums. Remember that accidents can happen at any time of day, as can thefts, so you should expect your insurance company to have a call centre open 24 hours a day to enable your call to be taken and your claim to be processed as quickly as possible.
When you go for your quote, you should ask about personal possessions cover. You might also want legal expenses cover should you have to fight claims for personal injury or loss of earnings. Then there is personal accident cover, which is set up to insure you against injuries caused directly from an accident. Some insurers may also offer specially designed roadside rescue services for bikers. You should find out if the quote includes this. You ideally want something that includes free call out charges and labour, although you should expect to pay for parts. You should also be taken to the nearest place of safety, like a garage.